The objective of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas about the International Orienteering Federation, the governing body of international orienteering. I would also like to offer it as a discussion platform for other views and ideas about the IOF. You may comment individual posts on the related facebook page. Please contact me if you would like to publish guest posts.

On my background: I have been involved with orienteering since 1979 starting in Hungary. I organised an MTBO World Championship and World Cup rounds. I worked also as an IOF Senior Event Adviser advising major IOF events.

I served as a volunteer official for 6 years (4 years as a chairman) in the  MTBO Commission, the commission responsible for the development of Mountainbike Orienteering, the second largest discipline in the IOF. I resigned in December 2016.  The key reasons of my resignation are discussed in this interview with the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, in my resignation letter, and in the follow up discussion in the MTBO Group.


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